Customer Spotlight: Brian Hedges

Brian Hedges has been a client of Cabling Systems, Inc. for the past six years. We installed a home security system for Brian several years ago and then recently upgraded his system to operate on a dedicated cellular connection. This allows him to be connected to what’s happening at his home with real time alerts and gives him remote control through the mobile app. Brian was kind enough to share his customer experience with Cabling Systems, Inc. on our Facebook page recently. Here’s what Brian had to say: I learned about Cabling Systems, Inc. the way most people do: through a friend who highly recommended them. My experience with them over the last six years leads me to confidently do the same. This is a family owned business, led by Glenn Duckworth and Sissy Duckworth. Prior to my initial installation, Glenn carefully and patiently listened to my needs, surveyed the property and presented the available options best suited to my situation. He then prepared a proposed contract which we went over together and I signed. The work was scheduled promptly and accomplished quickly with great professionalism and minimal disruption to myself and the property. In the succeeding six years I have had not a single problem with the installation and equipment. What I have had are many problems with the telephone line used for monitoring and Glenn and Sissy have always been quick to respond and helpful with silencing the internal beeps in the house when the line goes out. Eventually I concluded that I just didn’t want to deal with that landline. Glenn came out to discuss wireless... read more

Home Security Failures: Common Homeowner Safety Mistakes

by Sissy Duckworth, co-owner, Cabling Systems, Inc. As the co-owner of a local home security company, I have a habit of noticing safety and security risks in the homes around me. During one of my recent daily exercise walks, I saw very few security signs on the homes I passed, but I did see several homes that were openly vulnerable to intruders. One home’s garage door had been left approximately two feet open. A quick drop and roll and an intruder could have been inside! I then wondered if the door leading from the the garage into the home had been secured. If you are wondering if I tried to find out, the answer is no. Even if the door from the garage into the home had been locked, it would have been easy enough for any intruder to enter the garage and then force their way into the home without being observed by anyone else. Further down the road I saw another house with a storage building. The doors of the storage building were open and not a person was in sight. I don’t know what valuables the owners might have kept inside the storage building, but they were certainly vulnerable to burglary and theft. As I walked down another street, I was now looking into the backside of houses. I saw a real nice barbeque grill in a backyard with no fence. Unless you are going to bolt the grill down, I would store it inside my garage (after it cools down, of course) and keep the garage door closed. These are just a few common homeowner... read more

How to Select a Home Security System

Would you like to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and family are protected by a home security system? If you answered yes, the first step you should take is to determine your specific needs and how you will use your home security system. Ask yourself the following questions to gain valuable information about the best system for your needs and situation: What is the primary purpose of the security system? Protection on a daily basis? Protection only when out of town? Do you want security and fire monitoring? Do you travel frequently? Are there elderly people living in the home? Do you have pets in the home? Does your insurance company require you to have a burglar and/or fire alarm? If so, what are their requirements and what corresponding savings do they offer? Your answers to these questions will provide you with a profile of the needs of your home security system and any specific considerations to address when choosing your particular system. Next, determine which security company is your best choice for purchasing and installing your new residential security system. It is important to compare security companies based on the same criteria to get an accurate picture of the company you will be dealing with and their specific services, as well as the obligations you will incur. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. Ask the security system companies you are considering the following questions: Is the company licensed with the Department of Criminal Justice (DCJS)? Are all employees licensed, finger printed and background checked? (This is required in Virginia.) Will a... read more